Get Involved

How can you help me gain momentum on my journey as I drive across Canada?  Great question!  My goal for the first phase of Farm Talk Radio is to build a strong platform to help tell this important story.  All content will be hosted on my website with links to YouTube, Instagram, and other social media outlets.  If you are enjoying the ride please share it with family, friends, neighbours, colleagues, and strangers on the street.  Let’s keep this conversation going.


Now speaking of keeping this conversation going, all of you can help me build content! If you would like to be a contributor or share your story please do not hesitate to get in touch. If there is someone you would like me to visit or a place you feel that should be included please let me know! I am exploring many new parts of the country and could use some good old grassroots knowledge and advice.

MEDIA + Sponsorship

If you are in the media and would like to do a story, interview, or just get more information on the Farm Talk Radio project please get in touch.

If you are a purveyor of local goods or a corporation looking to increase your brand awareness and would like to talk about sponsorship options please get in touch. If our mission statements are aligned I am more than happy to help represent you in my videos, photos, and on the podcast. I like a good craft beer tank top as much as the next guy, and I don’t mind wearing the same thing over and over again if you get my drift.

For a lucky few I will be looking to auction off space on my van for decals, this will be a great way to get nationwide coverage as I drive across Canada, with the potential to get into the U.S. market on the West Coast as well.

Kickstart my journey

At the moment this is a self-financed dream and I am happy for it to remain that way. However, I do want this thing to go big and for that I will need your help. If you want to help me share this story and help the narrative continue to grow please feel free to make a contribution. I chose not to put a limit on the amount that I am trying to raise because the more that comes in the more I will be able to put out. Help keep Farm Talk Radio on the air, help me let my fantastic back end team of web design, video production, and audio editing spend more of their time on this project. And lets talk real talk, my Astro van has over 450,000 km on it and I haven’t even started the drive yet, help me keep this beauty running!

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Our goal with Farm Talk Radio is to tell a story across ​Canada, weaving a mosaic of landscapes that focus on the people, places, and things that inspire change — To give airtime to the hardworking men and women who are feeding the bodies, hearts, and minds of our great country. Farming can at times be a lonely and isolating profession. It is one filled with numerous hardships. The long hours, physically demanding work, and constant struggle to work in harmony with Mother Nature take their toll. Furthermore, the ever-changing extremes of climate change will only add to these pressures. Not to mention, the financial risk of being an entrepreneur and running a business to feed and support yourself and your family. Yet this is a field of work that continues to attract some of the most incredible and inspiring change makers that I have been fortunate enough to meet. Spend a weekend at your local farmers market and you’ll know what I am talking about. Because of this, it will be an honour to sit down and listen to them and help them tell their story. Farm Talk Radio explores the challenges these agents of change are going through and the gifts that this journey has brought them. And we’d like to share all of this with you.