This website is dedicated to various aspects of biodynamic agriculture, with the goal of developing best practice through research, conducted by farmers and gardeners, big or small, who have an interest in biodynamic methods. It is my intention that this website be a forum through which data-based research can be presented, and discussion can take place in regards to various aspects of Biodynamic methodology. In 1924 Rudolf Steiner gave a series of lectures on the spiritual aspects that are involved in all the processes we see in the growth of plants and the constituents of soil. This series of lectures, now in book form and known as 'The Agricultural Course', forms the foundation upon which the Biodynamic movement stands. This book is available for free at the Rudolf Steiner archive. Click the link below to access the website. The research focus for 2015 is to continue to investigate the different cosmic rhythms and their influence on the growth of plants, through scientific research and data collection, in the form of planting trials.

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Our goal with Farm Talk Radio is to tell a story across ​Canada, weaving a mosaic of landscapes that focus on the people, places, and things that inspire change — To give airtime to the hardworking men and women who are feeding the bodies, hearts, and minds of our great country. Farming can at times be a lonely and isolating profession. It is one filled with numerous hardships. The long hours, physically demanding work, and constant struggle to work in harmony with Mother Nature take their toll. Furthermore, the ever-changing extremes of climate change will only add to these pressures. Not to mention, the financial risk of being an entrepreneur and running a business to feed and support yourself and your family. Yet this is a field of work that continues to attract some of the most incredible and inspiring change makers that I have been fortunate enough to meet. Spend a weekend at your local farmers market and you’ll know what I am talking about. Because of this, it will be an honour to sit down and listen to them and help them tell their story. Farm Talk Radio explores the challenges these agents of change are going through and the gifts that this journey has brought them. And we’d like to share all of this with you.